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Pack Peel Off Mask + Lotion + Bowl And Spoon

Pack Peel Off Mask + Lotion + Bowl And Spoon

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The Okhamaré peel off mask , of plant origin, is a mixture of ultra-fine powders, composed of seaweed and khamaré (vetiver root). These powders gel on contact with water and create a mask. This mask is composed of powerful active ingredients that instantly penetrate the epidermis, leaving you with soft and smooth skin, as well as a mattified and unified complexion. Enriched with khamaré (vetiver root), it will help your skin to fade spots and regain its natural radiance.

Use: in a bowl, put 10 spoonfuls of the peel off mask, add 45 ml of OKHAMARE tonic lotion or mineral water. Mix quickly until you obtain a thick, smooth and homogeneous paste. Then, apply the mask immediately on the face and neck in a thick layer. Avoid hair roots and eye area.

Leave on for about 15 minutes, until the mask gels. Remove the mask when it no longer sticks to your fingers. Finally, apply your usual care.

Indication: Suitable for all skin types

OKHAMARE tonic lotion can also be used alone, it is clarifying, toning and soothing. It purifies the skin in depth. Your skin is clearer without being dried out. In 1 month, the skin texture is refined.
Enriched with khamaré (vetiver root) and rose water, it will give you a radiant and luminous complexion. This natural combination allows you to find a fresh complexion without imperfection and visibly healthier skin.

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