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Bine-Bine, Baya, Waist Beads

Bine-Bine, Baya, Waist Beads

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The bine-bine or size pearls, is an ancestral beauty secret in the African tradition, with different names depending on the country: in Senegal you will hear about bine-bine, in Mali and Guinea, it is the term baya, among the Congolese they will speak of Ziguida whereas in Niger it is a question of Tsakia. The names are different but the usefulness remains the same.

More than a beauty accessory, the bine-bine sends a message. It demonstrates femininity in a married woman. With a seductive gait, the beads make a noise that can cause arousal in humans.
You have often wondered how simple beads around the kidney can produce an effect. Is it the effect on the hips of the woman who wears them? Is it the delightful tinkling of pearls as she moves? Or the bright and shimmering colors? We will never know what creates this mesmerizing effect.

This is part of the secrets of African women. They know how to go about seducing their man.
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