Okhamaré, entre traditions et modernité

Okhamare, between tradition and modernity

nspired by khamaré, a plant renowned in West Africa, OKHAMARE is a brand that combines tradition and modernity, to accompany all women in their routines.

The use of khamaré is, in fact, transmitted from generation to generation and traditionally, these khamaré stems are used on the wedding night by the future bride. This facilitates his first sexual intercourse, cleanses his body, makes his complexion bright, and reduces white discharge and menstrual pain in particular. Khamaré also promotes the dressing of internal wounds after childbirth. Beyond the antiseptic aspect, this plant allows the woman to have a good intimate hygiene.

Nowadays, khamaré is appreciated almost everywhere in the world and has become the ally of women, thanks to its virtues. This is what the founder of the OKHAMARE brand discovered and made her essence out of it, transforming khamaré into various forms of natural cosmetics.

OKHAMARE brand products allow women to take care of themselves in a healthy way.


Khamaré in all its forms

In OKHAMARE, we find khamaré in:

· Natural soaps made with ingredients from agriculture in Africa

Milk and shea to nourish and soften the skin

Anti-stain serum, face cream, masks, lotion for face care

Infusion to combine well-being and pleasure

Aiming to modernize the treasures of our continent, OKHAMARE is not limited only to the khamaré plant to exploit these resources.

OKHAMARE, beyond khamaré

By doing extensive research on the benefits of traditional plants, OKHAMARE has been able to expand its range of cosmetics to diversify its products, suitable for each skin type.

The OKHAMARE brand uses ingredients whose properties are no longer to be demonstrated in the world. Khamaré is thus associated with baobab, hibiscus, kaolin, nigella, moringa, carrot, turmeric, henna, charcoal, peanuts, goat's milk, rice milk, okra, the diguithié and also the gowé.

Thanks to these different ingredients from natural plants, OKHAMARE has created a range of 17 soaps. This wide choice allows women to choose the soap or soaps adapted to their skin type.

A range of 5 natural, cold-pressed oils are also available to take care of you and your hair.


For healthy intimacy, the OKHAMARE brand offers you:


· the intimate gel based on khamaré which cleanses without attacking the vaginal flora. This gel improves intimate hygiene and provides a better feeling, thanks to its pleasant smell and its creamy appearance;

the djeka leaves which cleanse the inside of the woman and tightens the muscles of the vagina

· infusion with khamaré stems to remove all impurities from the body.

At OKHAMARE, you will find pure shea butter which is one of the secrets of the natural beauty of African women, which is also transformed into another form: shea whipped cream. This product can be used on the body and on the hair, thanks to its soft and light texture.

Shea butter is highly recommended for pregnant women during and after pregnancy, and for African baby massage.


In addition to body care, the OKHAMARE brand has thought about the well-being of women beyond the beauty of the body. OKHAMARE offers products that accompany women in their naughty tricks, such as thiourayes made from gowé, diguithié, sapé and sarkhatane, which they use to perfume the interior of the house and relax the atmosphere. Thiouraye is also a perfume for body linen and binbin (waist chain), because it creates a soft and sensual atmosphere during moments of relaxation with your partner, thanks to its bewitching smell.


Find all these products on the website www.okhamare.com

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