Le vétiver, un allié santé-beauté

Vetiver, a health and beauty ally

So I myself have been a fan of khamaré for a long time. What I noticed when I consumed it was quite amazing. Not only did I feel better about myself but my skin became clearer and brighter. I suspected that the khamaré had played a role in this evolution but I wanted to be sure. I therefore conducted research on the virtues of vetiver roots and indeed, my discoveries confirmed what I thought: khamaré acts on internal and external well-being!

It is therefore this personal experience that pushed me to launch myself to accompany all women who want to feel good in their body, in their intimacy, but also in their head. My goal is to guide women in their overall development.

This is why the essential values ​​of OKHAMARE are well-being, naturalness, beauty and femininity and the basis of all our products is khamaré. All our products are natural, plants and seeds are originally consumable (except henna). Moreover, for simple and reliable traceability, only our raw materials are imported but all our products are made in France.

Khamaré has changed my life. I sincerely hope that he participates in changing yours!

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