Huiles vegetales bio pour la peau

Organic vegetable oils for the skin

Vegetable oils are renowned for their beneficial properties for the skin. Moisturizing, purifying, restorative or anti-ageing, there are a multitude of organic vegetable oils for all skin types. Enriched with vitamins and lipids, oils have become essential for women's beauty rituals.


Vegetable oil, a beauty ally with remarkable benefits


Naturally rich in active ingredients, vegetable oils preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin. Having a great affinity with the epidermis, they penetrate the cutaneous tissues in depth and each one will have a specific action. Mainly known for moisturizing and softening the skin, oils have many other virtues. They help the skin in its protective function by strengthening the hydrolipidic layer. But they also stabilize the skin's sebum production, repair dry skin by providing oily substance and relieve irritation of sensitive skin.


Why use vegetable oil?


The skin is covered by a hydrolipidic film which protects it, vegetable oils have the advantage of being easily recognized by the skin, penetrate it easily and reinforce this film. Rich in essential fatty acids, vegetable oils nourish the skin and work wonders on dry areas. Some also have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory or soothing properties. Vegetable oils come from plants, a fruit, a nut or the seed of a plant rich in lipids and essential fatty acids. In order to preserve and benefit from the richness of the natural active ingredients they contain, the oils must be extracted by cold pressing and be free of any treatment, before or after pressing. Indeed, this extraction process, which respects nature, is the healthiest there is. It offers a more natural color and scent, and makes it possible to obtain pure oils of exceptional quality. Finally, opting for organic vegetable oils free of chemical preservatives, parabens or other endocrine disruptors is a guarantee of quality, health and environmental protection.


Which vegetable oil for your skin?


Vegetable oils for dry or irritated skin


Most oils are suitable for dry skin. However, we favor nourishing oils that help restore the hydrolipidic film and protect the skin from dryness. We therefore favor vegetable oils such as hibiscus oil, baobab oil, nigella oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil.

Vegetable oils for mature skin

To fight against aging of the skin, we favor vegetable oils that are both rich in antioxidants and very nourishing. It is advisable to use vegetable oils of moringa, carrot.


Vegetable oils are numerous and each have their own virtues. Therefore, choose them according to your problems and your skin priorities. Each skin according to its type, and/or its temporary need, has its own dedicated oil, even oily skin. Indeed, there are rebalancing oils that act on sebum production and pores. Others help maintain proper hydration of the epidermis. Finally, some fight against skin aging thanks to their antioxidant power and relieve skin problems.


Integrate a vegetable oil into your beauty routine


These oils with many benefits can be used pure on cleansed skin. THE morning, you can apply a few drops of vegetable oil as a serum or mix it with your day cream to enrich and intensify its nutritive power. Or in the evening, alone, to intensely nourish your skin at night.


There are also cosmetic treatments formulated with different vegetable oils for even more benefits.

In addition, unlike essential oils, they have no contraindications for pregnant women.


All these oils can also be used on the hair to promote hair growth and soften it if it is dry.


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