Bine-bine et thiouraye, le combo de seduction

Bine-bine and thiouraye, the combo of seduction

The art of seduction is a tradition among African women. They are very naughty and use several tricks to seduce their man. Take care of their husband and seduce them to bewitch him every night. They have a real arsenal of erotic objects mixing smells and romance to spice up their couple. Their assets of seduction are numerous, but the bine-bine and the thiouraye remain the favorites and the most recognized all over the world.


Being naughty and well armed is one of the qualities of a good Senegalese woman. Of course, this is not the only quality required, but it occupies an important place in the life of a couple. To be an "Ace" of "jongué", you have to know how to detect the vices of your man and understand his desires.

You must always take care to have good hygiene, be obedient and above all know how to respond to the sexual desires of your partner.


The bine-bine or size pearls ,

It is an ancestral beauty secret in the African tradition, with different names depending on the country: in Senegal you will hear about bine-bine, in Mali and Guinea, it is the term baya, among Congolese women they will speak of Ziguida while in Niger it is about Tsakia. The names are different but the usefulness remains the same.


You have often wondered how simple beads around the kidney can produce an effect in men. This is part of the secrets of African women. They know how to handle it and how to go about it when it comes to seducing their man.

These kidney beads are a lethal weapon held by women. Previously, women wore large beads around their loins called "dial-diali". She demonstrated femininity in a married woman. With a seductive gait, the beads make a noise that could cause a man to get excited.


Deeply rooted in African culture, more specifically in West Africa, girls wear pearl necklaces around their loins from an early age to, it is said, “shape the arch”. As you will have understood, the choice of pearls to adorn the waist is no coincidence. More than a beauty accessory, they convey a message. Experts will tell you what is suitable for young girls and what is needed for a bride. Is it the effect on the hips of the woman who wears them? Is it the delightful tinkling of pearls as she moves? Or the bright and shimmering colors? We will never know what creates this mesmerizing effect.


Nowadays, these pearls are modernized and all kinds are created on the market. There are men who prefer large beads called "dial-diali", others prefer small beads like crystal beads.


The thiouraye,


It is one of the formidable weapons of the Senegalese woman. These products concocted from the mixture of natural ingredients and perfume, leaves a good smell in the room and the house.


This grandmother's trick is widely used by Senegalese women, although sometimes instead, some women prefer room perfumes. But know that the smell of a good incense has no equal and its effects are just unique.

On the market, there are several kinds of incense for each category. And to spice things up, naughty names are even assigned to them.


In response to body perfumes, which both men and women are fond of, there are a multitude of room perfumes and, above all, incense ( thiouraye ). It's not just about getting rid of body odors, but about acquiring new ones, some of which cause sexual desire.


In the markets, the incense shops offer an immense choice. The strongest and heaviest smelling incenses, the most effective in arousing desire, are reserved for intimate use. Women have real collections in their closets. The names are evocative and are constantly renewed: Nemmali (to finish), Doggali (to knock out), Ser Bou Tass (undone loincloth), Dadjima (push me in), Kumay Teul (make me bounce), Niaf (whip), Sauce Kani (chili sauce), etc. These designations indicate a strength, a specific mode of action.


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